Additional functionality for users

SMS 007 systém does not limit itself to a mere handling of encrypted messages. The authors have made an effort to ensure maximum comfortability and user-friendliness. Additional functionality has been added.

Sort contacts into groups

The user can create up to 60 groups in the contact list, using them to sort their contacts. The groups can be opened and closed.

Support of various languages

The system supports communication in various languages, using UTF-8. Eastern European, Arabic, Hebrew or Chinese characters can be used in messages and contact list.
The system itself can be translated on-demand to any language version (Spanish, French …). Current versions are Czech and English.

Extended list of contacts

At each contact list entry, e-mail and long note (up to 150 characters) can be saved along with name and phone number.

Easy sending of contacts to other people

Any user of SMS 007 can send an entry from his contact list to another user via a special SMS (which can be encrypted, of course). The sent entry will contain name, telephone number, e-mail and note, and the receiving side can save it easily. Therefore, no tedious retyping of phone numbers is needed.

Long messages

Maximum message length is 200 characters.

Sort messages into groups

As well as contacts, saved messages can be sorted to up to 60 user-defined groups.

Distinction of messages by colored icons

Received, sent and template messages are denoted in the list of messages by various colored icons. Templates are white, successfully sent messages green, received and unread messages orange, received and read messages blue, and failed messages (which could not be sent) red. This intuitive color scheme helps the user in work with messages.

„Top secret“ messages

Messages can be marked as „top secret“. Such messages are not saved into the list of messages. As soon as such message is succesfully sent, it is removed from the sender's list of messages. When it arrives to its destination, it is saved to the list only until the addressee opens it and reads it. Immediately after being read, a „top secret“ message is removed from the received list as well.

Intelligent menus

SMS 007 alters commands in menus by status of the message. For example, a received message has an option „Reply“, failed message has an option „Resend“ etc.

Automatic deletion of old messages

An automatic deletion machine for removal of old messages is included in SMS 007. User can turn it off or on; if it is turned on, any non-archived messages older than given time will be removed automatically, thus saving the phone's memory. The period of deletion can be set as 1 day, 3 days, a week, 14 days or a month.
Any message can be protected from automatic deletion by setting it as „Archived“.

Instant changing of passwords

You can change the „main application password“ at any time, provided that you know the old one. All saved data will be re-encrypted with the new key.
The passwords for communication with other users can be changed easily as well.

List of memory use

SMS 007 will tell you how much space do your data occupy and how much free space is left on your phone.

Sending of group messages

With SMS 007 the user can send group messages to whole groups in his contact list easily. The message will then be encrypted with respective keys of the group's members.

Batch deletion of messages

Besides automatic deletion, SMS 007 allows the user to delete messages manually and in batches. The user can with one click remove all but most recent 3,5,7 or 10 messages from his list of messages.

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