Case studies

Our customers value privacy, and that is why the following examples of use are anonymous. The users are distributed worldwide, from America to Australia.

Case 1 : an information agency

A middle-sized information agency found our that its headquarters have been subject to illegal electronic surveillance for a long time. This indicated imminent interest of an unknown party to spy upon the agency secrets.

Together with other countermeasures, the agency decided to install SMS 007 in the corporate phones and use it in private communications. In this way, the risk of having the SMS traffic compromised (by IMSI catcher or other means) has been mitigated.

Case 2 : an independent journalist

The user is an independent journalist who often operates in insecure parts of the world. His field of interest are "sensitive" political issues, like corruption in authoritatian regimes, UN agencies etc.

The journalist often collects information from contacts that can be under surveillance of both legal and illegal hostile agencies. To reduce the probability of compromising the message contents to the eavesdroppers, SMS 007 is deployed in the journalist's phone and in phones of his contacts.

Case 3 : a political party

An opposition political party had reasonable suspicion that it is being spied upon by the incumbent president's party. This surveillance might lead to leaks of critical information about the presidential election campaign. Therefore, SMS 007 was used to protect the critical communication in the party leadership.

Case 4 : government institutions

A prison service in a European country uses SMS 007 for its sensitive communication. No further information can be provided, on request of the service.

The Czech ministry of justice uses SMS 007 for communication of high-ranking officials.

Case 5 : a detective office

A high-level private detective office solves cases involving big financial values (for example, frauds in financial companies, elaborate highway robberies of trucks). Since the perpetrators risk heavy prison terms, they may "backtrack" the investigating detective in order to be informed about his knowledge and intentions, and possibly confuse the investigation.

The office now uses SMS 007 to communicate with their agents "in terrain", during tracing and other security-intensive activities, thus improving the safety of their operations and increasing the probability of success.