Variants (Standard, Profi, Special)

SMS 007 system is shipped in three basic variants. These variants are equal in their cryptographic strength, but differ in additional services.


This variant of the system does not include any support. The customer will obtain a download key, and the installation and setup of the application is his business. There are detailed howtos available at this website, but no other help can be expected.

Standard is suitable for those customers, who like to work with software, and are willing to spend some time studying the howto materials.


This variant includes installation and setup service, either provided by CircleTech, s.r.o., or by the corporation which has sold the licence ("reseller").

The customer who bought a Profi licence is provided with installation, setup and short introduction to usage of SMS 007 system from the reseller. Some resellers may provide additional services.


This is the highest variant of SMS 007. This includes, from the reseller's side, the following services:

Variant Special is suitable for customers who know the value of their time.

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